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Posted 1 year ago

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Up on the roof…

Posted 2 days ago

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amy powell - ypmu

Ellie, 21 months old, is a proper handygirl around the place. Here she is doing some roof repairs on her wendy house.
Amy Powell, Wallasey

Real bromance

Posted 2 days ago

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It’s so nice to see, Dylan, my 3-year-old son, sharing everything with his 8-month-old brother, Jake – even his open-top roadster!
Vicki Woodall, Birmingham

Kitty kissy

Posted 2 days ago

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Chris, my hubby, shares a tender moment with Theresa our cute cat.
Jean Lloyd, Dudley

Hello, Dolly

Posted 2 days ago

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My mum, Pat, 63, and me, 44, with a Dolly Parton impersonator at a tribute concert in Tenterden, Kent.
Penny Morris, Ashford

Pyramid power

Posted 2 days ago

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nicola deadreu ypmu

It’s not heavy at all! Here I am in Chichen Itza in Mexico, doing a bit of weight-lifting!
Nicola De’abreu, Aberdare

Four generations

Posted 2 days ago

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Just love this photo of me behind my daughter, Tracey, granddaughter, Sammy, and great-granddaughter Frankie. Oh, and our rabbit looking on!
Julia Wakefield, Romford

Whale done!

Posted 2 days ago

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Imagine my partner’s surprise when he came home to find I’d painted out fence into an aquarium, complete with this 8ft creature!
Susan MacDonald, Catford

Look who we met!

Posted 2 days ago

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lynn robinson

Me and my friends with comedian Stephen K Amos. He was so lovely.
Lynn Robinson, Leeds

Specs appeal

Posted 2 days ago

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I saw this funny family in Zurich. Not too sure if they saw me, though!
Frances Mason, Birmingham

Flower power

Posted 7 days ago

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Scan 1

I’m supposed to avoid sweets, so my kind daughter made this beautiful flower ‘cake’ for my 70th birthday.
Beryl Wilkinson, Honiton