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Posted 1 year ago

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Pick Me Up! Bingo October Fun Fest

Posted 28 mins ago

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There are loads of amazing promotions and offers that you wont want to miss this October! We have cash prizes just waiting to be won!

Batman & ballerina

Posted 48 mins ago

Link to Batman & ballerina

For my husband, John, 42, Halloween is just another excuse to pretend to be a superhero. Here he is with our 4-year-old daughter, Celtic.
Kirsty Meredith, Mistley, Essex


Posted 50 mins ago

Link to Mini-pup

He’s only eight inches tall but tops the adorable tree. Meet Chip, the micro Chihuahua!
Brigette Pearl, Clacton-on-Sea

Patterned pumpkin

Posted 52 mins ago

Link to Patterned pumpkin

I tried a more adventurous design for my carving this year. What do you think?
Sophia Payne, Church Crookham, Hampshire

Super heroines

Posted 53 mins ago

Link to Super heroines

That’s me, Catwoman, with Batgirl and Wonder Woman, aka Holly and Carlie!
Amy Burwash, West London

Roll with it

Posted 55 mins ago

Link to Roll with it

My son, Tyler, had a fantastic time zorbing on a day out recently!
Vanessa Tillman, Chatham, Kent

Zombie attack

Posted 57 mins ago

Link to Zombie attack

These strange creatures appeared outside our window near Paris. They certainly have odd street decorations in France!
Pat Holt, Manchester

Skeleton crew

Posted 59 mins ago

Link to Skeleton crew

The new friends of my daughter, Freya, 6, and son, Finn, 2, could do with some fattening up!
Steve Giblin, Penarth

Look who I met!

Posted 1 hour ago

Link to Look who I met!

I’m a big Birds of a Feather fan, and bumped into Linda Robson in Nando’s. Who knew I’d be sharing a bird with my favourite bird?
Sanam Petri, East London

Bad Riding Hood

Posted 1 hour ago

Link to Bad Riding Hood

This Halloween, I’m going to be Red Riding Hood’s evil twin sister!
Shirley Dodds, Wallsend