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Posts Tagged ‘cute’

Feathered friend

Posted 5 months ago

Talia Drayak

My little girl, Nymeria, 5, is completely quackers about our Aylesbury ducklings and makes sure they all get their daily cuddle!
Talia Drayak, Holm, Orkney

Snug as a bug

Posted 5 months ago

Suzanna Thomas

Thomas Charles, 9 months, loves getting all cuddled up in his ‘blanky’ when the weather gets chilly.
Suzanna Thomas, Ynysforgan, Swansea

Claws out!

Posted 5 months ago

Jocelyn Fry

My kitties, Fizzgig and Tadpole, are super cute. In fact, I think they’re simply purrrrfect!
Jocelyn Fry, East London

So chew-sy!

Posted 5 months ago

Debbie Pickett

Lilo, my Labrador, enjoyed chewing this tub of Pringles – well, once you pop, you just can’t stop!
Debbie Pickett, Rainham, Kent

She’s a little smiler

Posted 6 months ago

Adriana Sinacola

Here’s my happy little girl, Georgia Tilly-Mai, who’s 5 months old. Just looking at that cute grin puts a smile on my face!
Adriana Sinacola, Eastleigh

Pucker up!

Posted 7 months ago

leanne bennett YPMU

Here’s my partner, Sam, giving our horse, Black Jack, a kiss. Awww!
Leanne Bennett, Waterlooville, Hampshire

My little lamb

Posted 7 months ago


Doesn’t my baby boy, Max, look cute snuggled up in his lamb onesie?
Donna Peachey, South Cornelly, Mid-Glamorgan

Piggy poser

Posted 7 months ago

caroline laytham YPMU

My guinea pig, Daphne, loves to pose. Doesn’t she look cute with her pup pal?
Caroline Laytham, St Helens


Posted 7 months ago


My tot, Pixie, 2, loves Minnie Mouse, so she’s always dressing up as her!
Francesca Mowles, Fleixstowe

A bug’s life

Posted 7 months ago

vikki williams

I must sat, my daughter, Lola, 4, is the cutest insect I’ve ever seen! Here she is all dressed up for the Bug Ball at her school.
Victoria Smedley, Bolton