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Life’s a grin!

Posted 2 months ago

emma careless

My tot, Jessica, may only be 1, but she’s already mastered the art of the cheeky grin.
Emma Careless, Kempston

Ham it up

Posted 2 months ago


Introducing Booker DeWitt, our 3-month-old Syrian hamster. He loves strawberries, Cheerios and a good ol’ dig in his sand pit!
Sarah Nittinger, Bexleyheath

Little gem

Posted 2 months ago

pics 10

What a jewel – my darling 3-month-old kitten, Sapphire, just fits in this fruit bowl!
Anne Young, Exeter

Up on the roof…

Posted 2 months ago

amy powell - ypmu

Ellie, 21 months old, is a proper handygirl around the place. Here she is doing some roof repairs on her wendy house.
Amy Powell, Wallasey

Real bromance

Posted 2 months ago


It’s so nice to see, Dylan, my 3-year-old son, sharing everything with his 8-month-old brother, Jake – even his open-top roadster!
Vicki Woodall, Birmingham

Kitty kissy

Posted 2 months ago


Chris, my hubby, shares a tender moment with Theresa our cute cat.
Jean Lloyd, Dudley

Going nuts

Posted 2 months ago

Scan 2

This squirrel climbed over our neighbour’s spiky fence for some well-deserved hazelnuts!
Jacquie Simpson, Worthing

Fag break

Posted 2 months ago


Our Rodger looked a bit shifty after being caught having a crafty ciggie! (Psst: don’t worry, not really!)
Keith Goddard, Seaton Delaval, Northumberland

Animal pal

Posted 2 months ago

Scan 3

While walking along a trail in our local park, my granddaughter, Willow, 2, found a new foxy friend.
Sylvia Southall, Penkridge

Cute cats

Posted 2 months ago


My kittens love reading Pick Me Up! They just need to learn how to turn over the pages!
Vitaliy Shepa, Preston