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Festive pets

Posted 5 months ago


Meet Zeb, Ralph and Harvey. They’re the three wise dogs!
Alex Barnes, Chislehurst

Hello, petal

Posted 5 months ago


With her pretty petal headband, Ava-Mae, my 7-month-old granddaughter, is the loveliest Christmas flower in our family!
Carol Blaber, Chatham

Hats off!

Posted 6 months ago


I love crocheting presents – here’s my daughter, Faith, modeling the owl caps and the Shrek hat I made!
Jessica Gifford, Blandford Forum

What a card!

Posted 6 months ago


Greetings! My dad, Peter, and my daughter, Lilly, 7, made a giant Christmas card.
Nicola Partridge, Lordswood, Kent

Santa claws

Posted 6 months ago


My cat may be dressed as Santa Paws, but he’s not giving this toy away to any children!
Aimee Barlow, Eastbourne

Little star

Posted 6 months ago


My best present last year was my son, Ewan. What an angel!
Robyn Tumber, Dagenham

Watch the birdie

Posted 6 months ago


Meet Spuggy, the escaped budgie we rescued from a pigeon attack.  Our cat doesn’t look too pleased to see the new house guest though…
Stephen Hessell, Fleckney

Dog stars

Posted 6 months ago

48YMPU 1

Here are my cute collies, Thunder and Lightning. Thunder likes to pretend he’s a movie star and Lightning is quiet, but quick!
A Powell, Caerphilly

It’s a classic

Posted 6 months ago

48YMPU 11

Let’s see…. Toys on the floor, child in the box.  My daughter Holly’s very pleased she’s got things the right way round!
Leah Marlow, Uppingham

Honey bunny

Posted 6 months ago


Our adorable new kitten, Walter, loves to cuddle up to his toy – it’s as big as he is!
Emma Spelman, Cheltenham