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Stuck in?

Posted 2 months ago


My 15-month-old son, Lewis, got himself in a bit of a tight spot!
Amy Wigley, Bolton

Thirsty work

Posted 2 months ago


Thank goodness it was water and not my gin-and-tonic that my cat took a fancy to!
Emma Fellows, Tamworth

Film night

Posted 2 months ago


Just a regular night in our house as Toy Story’s Woody (Seth, 2) and Batman (Oscar, 4) settle down to watch a DVD.
Alex Hurcombe, Tunbridge Wells

Leaf it out…

Posted 2 months ago


She loves to play in them, but I think my daughter, Isobel, 7, needs to learn how to rake up the accessories of autumn!
Suzanne Rudge, Warrington

Potty time!

Posted 2 months ago


My nan always likes a nice cup of tea so I baked her this cake for her birthday!
Julie Sparkes, Lydney

My lovely boys!

Posted 2 months ago


Here’s my two favourite people ever – my partner, Marc, and my boy, Thomas, enjoying fun in the sun on the beach.
Suzanna Thomas, Ynysforgan

Chillin’ kitty

Posted 2 months ago


My Main Coon moggy, Max, loves nothing better than cuddling up to his mate – the stone tortoise that lives in my cherry-tree pot.
Helen Iles, Bristol

He’s got it licked!

Posted 2 months ago


Me and my fella visited a local zoo in Fuerteventura where you could feed some of the animals. We got up close and personal to this friendly giraffe, and I’ve got to say, I’ve never seen a tongue like that before!
Jade Worrall, Old Basford

Eyes… and beaks down!

Posted 2 months ago


They say that pets are just like their owners, and it seems as if my budgie, who I actually named Bingo, is as much a fan of Pick Me Up! Bingo as me!
Michael Webster, Arbroath

Life’s a grin!

Posted 2 months ago

emma careless

My tot, Jessica, may only be 1, but she’s already mastered the art of the cheeky grin.
Emma Careless, Kempston