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High flyer

Posted 3 months ago


Higher, Mummy!  My 8-month-old son Charlie is the youngest swinger in town!
Kelliann Prier, Tunbridge Wells

What a cutie!

Posted 4 months ago


My 10-week-old daughter, Rosanna, is such a cutie-pie!
Bethany Huziej, Manchester

Light bite

Posted 4 months ago


Hungry? My son, Toby, 1, grapples with a small snack.
Jacqueline Grant, Scarborough

Cuddly toy

Posted 4 months ago


My pup, Poppy, sleeps anywhere – even in my nephew’s teddy basket!
Claire Thompson, Crewe

Little nipper!

Posted 5 months ago


Our 10-month-old terror, Harry, has four cute – but surprisingly sharp – teeth!
Leanne Humphreys, Bolton

What’s all this ear?

Posted 5 months ago


Say hello to Keith, my lively bulldog puppy. He’s 17 weeks old and full of fun!
Rebecca Thomasen, Tabley

Loving bathtime!

Posted 5 months ago


My bubble boy Ryan, 6, enjoying bathtime – one of the few times he looks squeaky clean!
Carla Read, Harold Hill

Jurassic peck?

Posted 5 months ago


My newly-born duckling looks a bit like a baby dinosaur as he cracks his way out of the egg!
Amy Wilkinson, Sunderland

Bite of calm

Posted 5 months ago


The only time our tearaway pug, Teddy, will keep quiet is when we give him a bone to chew on!
Dawn Bell, Slough

Scoot over, gran!

Posted 5 months ago


Vroom, vroom! My 17-month-old granddaughter, Willow, loves to ride on my mobility scooter!
Sylvia Southall, Penkridge, Staffs