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He’s no Eeyore…

Posted 1 month ago


Don’t know why he was so cheery but this donkey in the New Forest was all smiles!
Sue Dear, Southampton

Your song!

Posted 1 month ago


And now, Candle in the Wind…. my 2-year-old-daughter, Emma, does a very good Elton John impersonation!
Cath Gates, Manchester

Double trouble

Posted 1 month ago


First day in their new home for our 8-week-old kittens, Marbles and Tipsy!
Amanda Jacklin, Melksham, Wilts

Tiny friends

Posted 1 month ago


Aww! My son, Michael, helping his little playmate, Daisy, cross the road.
Terri-Marie Calvert, Leeds

Chew me up!

Posted 1 month ago


Look what my bunny, Alvin, does with my Pick Me Up! if I spend too much time reading it and not enough paying attention to him!
Suzanne Cleland, Linlithgow

Rocket man!

Posted 1 month ago


Is that Elton John? No, it’s my son, Damon, 3, swanning around in his pink party glasses!
Jennie Hatton, Rawtenstall, Lancs


Posted 2 months ago


I love this photo of our dog, Lizzie, after a runaround the grounds of Paxton House.
Clare Sheldon, Gateshead

Ferreting about!

Posted 2 months ago


I’m famous in my local park for taking my ferrets on walkies – that’s Dexter, 2 (left), with Theodor, 3. They love getting out and about!
Cathie Ward, East London

So cool!

Posted 2 months ago


Trying on my oversized sunnies, my daughter, Elisabeth, 1, looks very glam!
Kristine Healey, Orpington

Time for tea

Posted 2 months ago


Sweet! My 2-year-old, Sian, blows on her afternoon treat to make sure that it isn’t too hot.
Charlotte Zaide, Birmingham