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Decorating tip – Box tables

Posted 3 weeks ago


I needed a sidetable for my living room so I stacked up a couple of hat boxes and topped them with a piece of marble – they’re great for storage too!
Jean Cooper, Hamilton

House tip – Flat sheets

Posted 1 month ago


Get the creases out of a fitted sheet by putting it on the bed and running a cool, unplugged iron over it.
Jo Hoskin, Wallingford, Oxon

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Posted 1 month ago

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Beauty tip – Cosmetic brush

Posted 2 months ago


Use pastry brushes to apply make up. They’re cheaper than make-up brushes and are just as soft.
Charlotte Primrose, Lawford

Fashion tip – Sun hat

Posted 2 months ago


Cut the top off of an old baseball cap and use the peak as a sun visor to keep you cool.
Fiona Ogunjimi, Coventry

Household tip – Picture display

Posted 2 months ago


Old DVD cases are great for displaying photos as they have clear pockets on each side.
Danielle Youd, Manchester

Baking tip – Neat quiche

Posted 2 months ago


Snip the tinfoil tray around quiche before cooking – it can then be easily flattened and slices removed without breaking.
Mary Gulliver, St Austell, Cornwall

Jewellery tip – Hanging display

Posted 3 months ago


Screw small hooks into a piece of wood that fits into the top of a tall plastic pasta jar – a perfect way to display necklaces without it tangling together.
D Fowler, Worcester

Travel tip – Suitcase spotter

Posted 3 months ago


Cut a hole in a playing card and hang it on your suitcase with a shoelace – makes it easy to spot on airport carousels.
Ian Laird, Birkenhead

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Posted 4 months ago

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